Kaustubh Hiware


I am a 5th year dual degree undergraduate pursuing a major in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. My interests include Competitive Programming, Open Source, NLP, Reading, whenever I am not "learning" from others. My primary OS is Arch Linux, with a dash of xfce.

I take interest in learning about life through movies and TV series (open to recommendations). I like to invest in long, informed, and elaborate discussions about technology, religion, movies, humans, politics; not necesarily in that order. I write a blog for opinions on some of those.

Have a look at my resume to know more about me, and here's a longer version.

How I spend my time

Having brought up in Nagpur for most of my childhood, most of my education before college has been in Nagpur.
I had my primary schooling at Sandipani school, where I studied from grade 2 to grade 10. After which, I had my +2 at Shivaji Science college.

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Computer Science and Engineering, 2014 - 2019 (expected).

Shivaji Science college, Nagpur
Senior Secondary, MSBSHSE, 2012 - 2014. Vocation: Electronics

Sandipani school, Nagpur
Primary and secondary schooling, CBSE, 2004 - 2012.

I am currently a fifth year Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate, pursuing a dual degree course at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
A dual degree means I will be graduating with both, a B.Tech and a M.Tech degree in July 2019.
My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Smart phone Computing and Social Computing.
Here is a list of relevant courses I have undertaken so far:

Deep Learning^
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing^
Social Computing^
Image Processing*^
Advanced Graph Theory*
Parallel & Distributed Algo*
Artificial Intelligence
Data Analytics^
Database Management^
Operating Systems^
Computer Networks^
Computer Organisation^
Software Engineering^
Probability and Stats
Switching Circuits^
Formal Language & Automata
Matrix Algebra

(* implies ongoing courses, ^ implies practicum)


I've written code in

code Languages
language Web
build Frameworks
I love to work on self projects as a hobby. There's no better way to learn anything ! sentiment_very_satisfied
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SAVITR: A System for Real-time Location Extraction from Microblogs during Emergencies

Apr 2018 Social Media for Emergency and Response Preparedness workshop, Webconf (WWW'18)

Natural Language Processing, Social Computing

We proposed a pre-warning system to detect potential disaster situations, by continually monitoring tweets in real-time. The system is deployed at savitr.herokuapp.com. Link

A Graph Based Semi-Supervised Approach for Analysis of Derivational Nouns in Sanskrit

Aug 2017 TextGraphs-11, ACL 2017 some text to fill up space

Network-based learning, Natural Language Processing

We developed a transductive learning approach identifying derivative nouns in Sanskrit Language, under Prof. Pawan Goyal. Applied MAD algorithm that propagates labels from a subset of seed nodes with the known labels to the unlabelled data. Link


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Legal Data Analytics


Aug 2018 - Present

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Adversarial attacks

Deep Learning

April 2018

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Smart Phone Computing

Jan 2017 - Apr 2018

Card image cap

Code-mixing and code-borrowing

Natural Language Processing

Aug 2017 - Nov 2017

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Savitr: pre-disaster management tool

Social Computing, NLP

Aug 2017 - Present

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Sanskrit Vruddhi Analysis

Natural Language Processing

July 2016 - Oct 2016

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Database Management

Mar 2017

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A Django-based IDE

Jan 2017

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Online food-ordering portal

Feb 2017

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Compiler of tinyC

Autumn 2016

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Dept. Management System

Spring 2016

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Shell terminal notifier

Dec 2016

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Graph Extractor from 2D Plots

OpenSoft, IIT Kharagpur

Spring 2016

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C-based terminal

Feb 2017

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Ping application indicator

Jan 2017

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Python module

Summer 2016

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